N PPL (m) Pilot

Can't believe after 10 years I finally make the commitement to do this!


From the first lesson, first Solo flight, first Cross country to the final GST test - it's been amazing!


Thanks Greg at Two Two Fly  for adapting your aircraft and making this possible!


Skies the limit now - got plenty of ideas...


I knew this was for me the first time I ever saw one in the sky...


and then to pop my cherry up at Darley Moor with non other than Neil Laughton, who with Bear Grylls flew over Mt Everest (and numerous other expeditions.)


What better way to get your first fix -

Flying for Heroes !





Other flying

Luckily enough I've had opportunites with a number of associations and individuals to try other aircraft.


Just a few...



Tessier Sit Skis


  • s-tbird



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